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OPTION 1. Take a straight monthly interest charge, the private investor lends money directkt [ie. pay it to ourselves or into the property, as opposed to buying the property] you will be paid on agreed interest per month until the full loan is paid back.

OPTION 2. You can take a split of the profits when the property is sold or remortgaged, you will have a % stake in the profits

OPTION 3. A mixture of the two, because the profits split scenario may be uncertain, you may prefer a mix of the two and you may opt for a more predictable and steady monthly rate to be given to you

OPTION 4. A long term equity share, you may be looking for asset value and long term growth, so you share in equity and rental income leaving part or all of your cash in the deal



Do you need to gain better returns as it becomes harder in your businesses and you can not maintain a lifestyle on bank returns , so you need to invest it for greater returns.

We are still seeing cash savers getting negative growth in the bank [ 0.5%-2.5%] minus inflation of 4.5% and with many asset vehicles risky and unstable, many private investors are still flocking to property and property investors for a better return on their money or some return on their money

your success

Your Success

Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities.

We work on strategy, marketing and technology across all industries and geographies. We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our fun approach to work. We love what we do and we love brining our success to our clients.

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